Nearly six months after abruptly announcing the band’s reunionDarkside has returned with its third new single, “Lawmaker”. This latest track comes following a six-year breakup of the Dave Harrington and Nicolás Jaar duo. The single will appear on Darkside’s new album Spiral, out on July 23rd via Matador.

Though “Lawmaker” starts out with the kind of ambient architecture associated with the experimental duo, the song soon becomes one of their most literal works to date. The chime of a bell starts off the track in a fittingly ceremonious manner. Harrington’s vocals then come in to fill the void, at first preaching in a tone that mimics the titular “Lawmaker” whom the song depicts. Before long, Harrington’s voice becomes the rhythmic root of the song that takes on an understated Eastern sway.

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Spiral comes as the band’s second album, following its 2013 full-length debut Psychic. The new nine-track offering has been in the works since 2018 when Harrington and Jaar rented a house together in Flemington, NJ to write music.

“From the beginning, Darkside has been our jam band. Something we did on days off. When we reconvened, it was because we really couldn’t wait to jam together again,” Jaar said in a previous statement.

“It felt like it was time again,” added Harrington. “We do things in this band that we would never do on our own. Darkside is the third being in the room that just kind of occurs when we make music together.”

Listen to Darkside’s latest single, “Lawmaker”, below and click here to pre-order Spiral ahead of its July 23rd release. Scroll down to see the full tracklist and album artwork.

Darkside – “Lawmaker”


Spiral Tracklist

01. Narrow Road
02. The Limit
03. The Question Is To See It All
04. Lawmaker
05. I’m The Echo
06. Spiral
07. Liberty Bell
08. Inside Is Out There
09. Only Young

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