Dave Matthews Band wrapped up a two-night, tour-closing run at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Saturday. The group welcomed special guests from the Saturday Night Live band to sit in during its final show of the year.

Accompanied by his trusty bandmates Tim Reynolds, Stefan LessardCarter Beauford, Rashawn Ross, Jeff Coffin, and Buddy Strong, Dave Matthews opened the show with a high-energy “Panatala Naga Pampa” before working in crowd favorites “#41”, “So Much To Say”, and “Madman’s Eyes”. The band’s 20-song set also featured covers of Peter Gabriel‘s “Sledgehammer” and Led Zeppelin‘s “Fool in the Rain”.

Having previously welcomed Late Show bandleader Louis Cato along with saxophonist Louis Fouché and trumpet player Jon Lampley on Friday, DMB once again hosted special guests with ties to the Big Apple toward the end of the show. First, guitarist Mark Whitfield joined the band on “Corn Bread”, and then saxophonist and musical director of the SNL band Lenny Pickett lent a hand during “Steady as We Go”. Ron Blake (baritone sax), Alex Foster (alto sax), and Summer Camargo (trumpet) then sat in on a pairing of “Shake Me Like a Monkey” and “Jimi Thing” before DMB wrapped up the set with “Fool in the Rain”, “Warehouse”, and “Two Step”.

Upon returning to the stage, Dave and company closed out a busy year of touring with a two-song encore featuring “Pay for What You Get” and “Don’t Drink the Water”.

Check out photos, the setlist, and fan-shot videos from Dave Matthews Band at Madison Square Garden below. Dave Matthews will play three nights with Tim Reynolds in Riviera Maya, Mexico on February 17th–19th. DMB is also scheduled to appear at Innings Festival in Tampa, FL March 19th. For a full list of future tour dates and tickets, visit Dave Matthews’s website.

Dave Matthews Band – “Pantala Naga Pampa” > “Rapunzel” – 11/19/22

[Video: gbeagle417]

Dave Matthews Band – “#41” – 11/19/22

[Video: hojobones]

Dave Matthews Band – “Pig” – 11/19/22

[Video: Michael Weinbaum]

Dave Matthews Band – “Anyone Seen The Bridge” – 11/19/22 [Clip]

[Video: Jordan Norris]

Dave Matthews Band – “Gravedigger” – 11/19/22

[Video: Jordan Norris]

Dave Matthews Band – “Do You Remember” – 11/19/22

[Video: Jordan Norris]

Dave Matthews Band – “The Best Of What’s Around” – 11/19/22

[Video: Daliz Rodriguez]

Dave Matthews Band – “Sledgehammer” – 11/19/22

[Video: vgames89]

Dave Matthews Band – “Say Goodbye” – 11/19/22

[Video: vgames89]

Dave Matthews Band With Mark Whitfield – “Corn Bread” – 11/19/22

[Video: Drew Zagaroli]

Dave Matthews Band With Lenny Pickett– “Steady As We Go” – 11/19/22

[Video: hojobones]

Dave Matthews Band With SNL Horns – “Shake Me Like A Monkey” – 11/19/22

[Video: Michael Weinbaum]

Dave Matthews Band – “Fool in the Rain” (Led Zeppelin), “Warehouse” – 11/19/22

[Video: Cool Hand 62]

Dave Matthews Band – “Two Step” – 11/19/22

[Video: David Kaminsky]

Dave Matthews Band – “Pay For What You Get” – 11/19/22

[Video: hojobones]

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Setlist [via DMB Almanac]: Dave Matthews Band | Madison Square Garden | New York, NY | 11/19/22

Set: Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel, #41, Pig, So Much to Say > Anyone Seen the Bridge > Too Much, Madman’s Eyes, Do You Remember, Gravedigger, The Best of What’s Around, Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel), Say Goodbye, Cornbread [1], Steady as We Go [2], Shake Me Like a Monkey [3], Jimi Thing [3], Fool in the Rain (Led Zeppelin), Warehouse, Two Step

Encore: Pay for What You Get, Don’t Drink the Water


[1] with Mark Whitfield
[2] with Lenny Pickett
[3] with Ron Blake, Alex Foster, Lenny Pickett, Summer Camargo