Dave Matthews and guitarist Tim Reynolds welcomed special guest Trey Anastasio to the stage on Sunday during Matthews and Reynolds’ destination concert event in Riviera Maya, Mexico at the Moon Palace resort.

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As Matthews and Reynolds wound down the final set of the weekend, Anastasio emerged from backstage to join the duo on acoustic guitar. The trio of musicians then launched into Phish‘s “Waste”, which Matthews recorded for the 2000 Phish tribute album, Sharin’ In The Groove, as well as performed live over the years throughout various incarnations of Dave & Friends, with the Dave Matthews Band, and solo.

The ensemble still wasn’t finished, however, and after “Waste” they went into yet another Phish song, “Bathtub Gin”. During “Gin” Matthews took vocals in the second verse, before relenting duties back to Anastasio, and the audience fulfilled their vocal obligation during the participatory “and we love to take a bath” segment, albeit not quite as loudly as at a Phish concert. The song didn’t act as the typical jam-vehicle that it usually embodies in the standard Phish environment, but rather the synchronicity between Anastasio and Matthews during the scat singing, as well as the texture provided by three acoustic guitars, was enough to make the three-and-a-half minute rendition of “Gin” more than satisfactory.

Check out fan-shot videos of Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds joined by Trey Anastasio in Mexico courtesy of David.

Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, Trey Anastasio – “Waste”, “Bathtub Gin” – 2/16/20

[Video: Peter Strauss]

Anastasio was on the move as he just finished the second night of the Oysterhead reunion in Colorado, and apparently hopped right on a plane to Mexico. He might as well hang around the Moon Palace for the next few days, however, as Phish begins its annual destination festival there on Thursday, where the band will play four concerts from Thursday through Sunday. While tickets are all sold out, all of the shows will be livestreamed via LivePhish.

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