On Sunday evening, January 28th, Citi Sound Vault‘s 5-night concert series at New York’s Irving Plaza came to a close with a performance by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. Over the preceding four nights, Thirty Seconds to MarsThe NationalEminem, and Childish Gambino had performed at the Union Square-area venue.

This performance at the roughly 1,000-capacity manhattan room marked the pair’s first time returning to the venue since July, 11th 1994. These days, the two regularly play much bigger venues as a duo, like their recent multi-night Mexican destination event. When they play with the full Dave Matthews Band, they sell out amphitheaters and arenas nationwide. That made this rare intimate performance all the more special for the lucky Big Apple fans who made it inside.

The show began with only Matthews onstage, as he opened with solo renditions of “Do You Remember” and “Rye Whiskey”. Reynolds joined him next, and the band led into a string of DMB favorites like “Warehouse”, “Grey Street”, “Trouble” “Two Step”, the newer “Samurai Cop”, and the dark and brooding “Don’t Drink The Water”.

Next, Reynolds got his chance to shine with a solo rendition of “Tangled Web We Weave” from his 2016 solo album, That Way. Next, Matthews returned to the mix for another string of live DMB (and Dave & Tim) staples–“Lying In The Hands of God”, “Lie In Our Graves”, “Satellite”, “Save Me”, and “Crush”–before one final Reynolds solo number, “Manfood” and a run through staple acoustic tune “So Damn Lucky.”

Next, Dave invited up a special guest, saxophonist Ben Golder-Novick, to add some brass to “#41 “and “Tripping Billies”, before closing out the main set with “The Space Between”, “What Would You Say”, and “Dancing Nancies”.

However, the show was far from done. Matthews and Reynolds returned for not one (“Cornbread”), not two (“Ants Marching”, “Crash Into Me”), but three (“Some Devil”) separate encores to send the intimate crowd home satiated.

You can watch crowd-shot video of the entire show below, via YouTube user tambourinedmb

SETLIST: Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds | Citi Sound Vault Series | Irving Plaza | New York, NY | 1/28/18

SET: Do You Remember*, Rye Whiskey*, Warehouse, Trouble, Two Step, Samurai Cop, Don’t Drink The Water, Tangled Web We Weave^, Lying In The Hands of God, Lie In Our Graves, Satellite, Save Me, Crush, Manfood^, So Damn Lucky, #41&, Tripping Billies&, The Space Between, What Would You Say, Dancing Nancies

ENCORE: Cornbread

ENCORE 2: Ants Marching, Crash Into Me

ENCORE 3: Some Devil

*Dave Solo

^Tim Solo

&with Ben Golder-Novick (saxophone)

[Cover photo via Instagram user @brenny5]