David Bryan has big plans to start off the summer, with a special performance by the Terrapin Chamber Ensemble in an underground crypt in New York City on Monday, June 5th. Bryan and the Terrapin Chamber Ensemble will perform the music of the Grateful Dead during this special event, for which only thirty-seven tickets will be sold. Bryan first made a name for himself back in 2014, when he performed numbers from the Grateful Dead catalog for a magical performance at a Romanesque-style church on Park Avenue. In continuing with this theme of bringing the music of the Dead to dramatic settings, June’s upcoming will see him and his ensemble perform his arrangements of the Grateful Dead at the subterranean Gothic crypt of The Chuch Of The Intercession Crypt.

“All Graceful Instruments – An Interdisciplinary Symposium On The Grateful Dead” To Take Place In NYC

Joining Bryan will be the Terrapin Chamber Ensemble, which consists of Kenny Brooks (Ratdog) on sax, Zach Nugent (JGB with Melvin Seals) on guitar, Waynard Scheller (Rainbow Full of Sound) on piano, Noah Lehrman (Gratefully Yours, Skeleton Keys) on percussion, Joe Gallant (Illuminati Orchestra, John Kadlecik Band) on upright bass, and the Sugar Mags String Quartet. Because the capacity for the intimate space is limited to 49 people, with eight musicians tapped for the performance and four people tapped for the film crew, the number of tickets being sold to the public is low—specifically, only thirty-seven VIP tickets will be sold for the special event. Undoubtedly, this will be one of the coolest ways to get your Grateful Dead fix this summer if you can secure one of the exclusive seats for the concert. You can get more information about David Bryan and the Terrapin Chamber Ensemble’s upcoming performance here, as well as to purchase tickets for what will be an unforgettable and haunting Grateful Dead experience.

David Bryan to play the Grateful Dead

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