Legendary Talking Heads frontman David Byrne has been expressing his musicality on a number of interesting projects in recent memory, including the recent Contemporary Color documentary pairing color guard teams with modern artists, as well as the musical “Here Lies Love” that he wrote with help from Fatboy Slim. It seems that Byrne has announced his second-ever foray into musical theater, with a new production called “Saint Joan.”

Set to debut on February 14th at the Public Theater in New York, NY, “Saint Joan” will tell the story of Joan Of Arc in an atypical setting: a rock concert. The show will unfold on a discotheque dance floor, and the New York Times writes that the musical will be framed by a rock show. 

Byrne explains his fascination with the Joan Of Arc story in a press release, saying: 

Why has this story endured over centuries and been made into so many plays and movies? Because it’s about someone—a nobody, a teenage girl—who inspired others to act, to overthrow their oppressors and take charge of their lives. She transforms from an innocent, into an androgynous warrior, and finally a martyr. Joan’s story is about the power of the individual to make a difference and (for me) the hubris and sometimes oversteps that often go along with that. In other words—it’s completely relevant. 

He also writes, “On stage, imagine a singer—a contemporary young woman—backed by her inspired band, ultimately immolated at the end of her concert.” This should be an interesting concept, and we can’t wait to see it when it comes out!