Back in 2014, Dawes and Conor Oberst/Bright Eyes covered one another’s song for a vinyl-exclusive Record Store Day release. Fast forward seven years and the songs are finally available across streaming platforms as a part of Dawes’ From The Bullpen archival series.

For the release—which originally arrived as a 7″ record—Dawes takes on “Easy/Lucky/Free” from the Bright Eyes catalog and Oberst recorded “Million Dollar Bill”. On “Easy/Lucky/Free”, Dawes puts its rhythm section behind Oberst’s haunting lyricism, making it slightly more feasible to get through a Bright Eyes song without crying. Oberst, acting as a perfect foil to the Goldsmith brothers’ ensemble, does the reverse effect as he strips down the track to its bare essentials and does that serotonin-stripping delivery of his.

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“As far as I’m concerned, between Bright Eyes and his solo records, Conor Oberst is one of the greatest songwriters that has played the game,” Dawes’ Taylor Goldsmith writes in the video’s comments. “I remember hearing ‘Fevers’ and ‘Mirrors’ when I was 16 and feeling my sense of song permanently rewired. So it was a big deal for me when went on tour with Conor as the opening act as well as his band. To celebrate our worlds coming together we decided to cover one of each other’s tunes and release it as a limited 7 inch. We tried our best to make ‘Easy/Lucky/Free’ sound like a Dawes song and Conor did the same thing to ‘Million Dollar Bill.’ Happy to bring these recordings back to life.”

Listen to Dawes cover Conor Oberst and vice versa in the latest release from Dawes’ From The Bullpen archival series via the player below or on your preferred streaming platform.

Dawes – “Easy/Lucky/Free” (Bright Eyes)

[Video: Dawes]

Conor Oberst – “Million Dollar Bill” (Dawes)

[Video: Dawes]

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