Legendary DJ/Producer Deadmau5 has been all over the news recently. Just last week, he finished the iconic Gumball 3000 worldwide race he annually participates in and he managed to get his license suspended by French officers along the way. Early this morning, Deadmau5 released his seventh studio album, while(1<2) but Deadmau5 is being kept busy even during this long-awaited album release. As of yesterday, June 16th, the DJ/Producer announced his plans to sell his Nyan Cat-themed Ferrari, the Purrari, on Craigslist.

The starting price for the sale of his iconic sports car will be measured around $380,000. The purchase includes the actual vehicle and an iPod full of Nyan Cat-themed music that is essential to the whole Purrari experience. Deadmau5, via twitter, has promised that whoever purchases the Purrari can fly out to Toronto to be a part of one of Deadmau5’s quintessential coffee runs.

Though the pricing for the car may seem high, Deadmau5 has promised ahead of time that all of the proceeds raised will go directly to the Toronto Humane Society. Not only a cat-themed sports car, an iPod full of music to accompony the journey but also a charitable donation. Purchasing the Purrari may not end up being as cat-astrophic as you could imagine.