It’s clear that right now the United States is hurting following Hurricane Harvey. The storm is poised to be a record-breaking storm, with Harvey’s immense rainfall causing catastrophic flooding across Texas and leaving devastation in its wake. In the week since, Americans across the country have stepped up to try to support and aid those affected by the storm, including a number of musicians who have hosted special benefit concerts, album sales fundraisers, and more. Today, Mickey Melchiondo, better known as Dean Ween, has joined the list of musicians who are calling on fans to give back after the national disaster.

The Dean Ween Group, Melchiondo’s solo side project outside of Ween, released a cover of Jimmy Webb’s 1969 classic “Galveston.” The song choice is relevant because Galveston is located in Texas and was in the path of Hurricane Harvey, but also because in 1900, it was the site of the deadliest hurricane in American history, causing the deaths of 6,000 people. The cover will also be officially released on a new album whose proceeds will go toward hurricane relief.

Paired with the newly released video, Melchiondo released a statement about Hurricane Harvey. He notes, “This is our recording (from last night) of ‘Galveston’. It’s going to be included on an album of Gulf Coast victims of the recent hurricane, of which I have many friends. We in NJ have been through this before and it is indescribable. without the support of others we would have been in very serious trouble. Even Gov. Christie showed that he truly cared, I saw him at every town hall meeting, obviously exhausted—but the volunteers poured in from across the country to help us rebuild. some of my friends are still displaced though, 4 years later. The fantastic people at the Ween Appreciation Society helped begin a fundraiser that has so far raised close to $5k dollars. Since I was the first artist to submit a track for this album I don’t have many details to share yet, except I ask that in the meantime you donate to our site. The track and video are in the comments below. Please share EVERYWHERE! This was my email to the musicians, the label and organizer: i don’t really know how this could have come out any better. thanks to all of you guys, everyone really stepped up here. . . . also, the ween fans have raised over $5k for the victims of the storm, i was thinking of the united way as a charity, but if the proceeds from this benefit record are going to a specific charity, i’d rather use it towards that. . . . lastly, glen campbell changed the lyrics of the bridge to reflect an anti-vietnam sentiment when it was in fact not ever intended to be a protest song. it is also the anthem of galveston island, texas.”

You can donate to the Ween Appreciation Society Hurricane Harvey Assistance Fund here, and check out the Dean Ween Group’s cover of Jimmy Webb’s “Galveston” below.