After last week’s moving special tribute to Col. Bruce Hampton featuring interviews with Phish’s Jon Fishman, Widespread Panic’s John Bell, and Hampton’s past Aquarium Rescue Unit bandmates Jeff Sipe and the Rev. Jeff Mosier [from the Hills of Tennessee], Live For Live Music Presents: Inside Out with Turner and Seth returns with a full episode focusing on Jared Watson, one of the founding members of genre-defying California reggae-fusion outfit Dirty Heads. You can listen to the new podcast episode below:

The Watson episode is Inside Out‘s first offering from the long list of interviews Seth Weiner and Rob Turner conducted during this year’s Sweetwater 420 Festival. Weiner and Turner first relate some of their experiences at the Atlanta event before jumping into a chat with Watson by discussing everyone’s favorite herb. The singer reveals the various ways he uses “the green,” including how it factors into his creative production.

Watson gives listeners a window into the Dirty Heads’ creating and recording process, including how they moved away from the “speed dating” approach to collaboration on their new self-titled LP. As Watson explains, the band took a laid-back approach this time around, and the result was the truest representation of the band’s overall sound to date. “This album is just more loose and fun and almost sloppy, in a good way. It’s very reminiscent of how the Beastie Boys probably felt when they were in their heyday, just like, ‘fuck it, let’s just fuck around and have fun.’” Watson declares, “We’re just having fun again!” Watson also speaks about his color-oriented approach to recording, and how he works closely with the band’s lighting designer to fine-tune how the songs are presented in the live setting (particularly with regard to the Dirty Heads’ “Under The Water”).

The conversation also turns toward the topic of addiction, as Watson relates his struggles with drug and alcohol dependency. Watson bears his soul on the topic, explaining the rock-bottom experiences that made him decide to clean up his act: “It got to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed without drinking.  I would get up and grab a drink, and get in the shower.”  We learn about how became hooked on vicodin, and how the love and support of unfailingly loyal wife helped him overcome the demons this drug would unleash upon him. He even talks about what he learned when he appeared on Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

We also learn the stories behind many of their songs, including how “That’s All I Need” and it’s accompanying music video are about growing up with hippie parents in Sunset Beach, California.  “I was born in….my apartment.  My parents were so hippie, they didn’t even go to the hospital. They just had me and my brother IN THEIR BED.” This leads to a conversation about how meeting J. Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell would change his life and become the genesis of Dirty Heads, as Jared speaks about their earliest live performances.

The show closes with the hosts discussing their upcoming interviews with fan-favorite vocalist/trumpeter Jennifer Hartswick (Trey Anastasio Band, Christian McBride) and seasoned manager Jon Philips (Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Fishbone), as well as the recently departed Godfather Inside Out–and the jam band scene as a whole–Colonel Bruce Hampton. At Weiner’s request, Turner reads a haiku written for the Hampton 70 program by Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro.

For more on what made Bruce Hampton such a singular man and musician, and his stranger-than-fiction final performance, check out Inside Out‘s emotional tribute podcast. Part two of Inside Out‘s tribute to the Colonel will be released next month.

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