Diana Kumpf

Rolling Stone reported that DJ/producer Dirty South (real name Dragan Roganovic) was forced to cancel two weeks of his tour due to a jet-skiing accident after his show early September. Now back on tour, the Australian EDM star is refreshed, has new material, and a new outlook on upcoming performances.

Roganovic explained that he was thrown from a jet-ski while driving 70 miles per hour on September 7th, 2012.  The accident resulted in a hospital visit for broken ribs and a sore back.  The mishap happened right as his current single “City of Dreams” hit the top of the Beatport charts.

While on bed-rest, he had the pleasure of watching the rise of the tracks success.  Although in pain, Roganovic used the recovery time as a chance to work on a new Dirty South EP as well as write songs of the indie-electronic band Ruben Haze.

Post recovery and before the new material drops, Roganovic planned a two month tour and is performing at the NYC venue Roseland Ballroom on October 20th, 2012. He explained to Rolling Stone that this following tour will stray-away from the LED extravaganza which has become expected from the EDM scene to try and reset the focus back to the music.