Dispatch has shared a new video for the band’s latest single, “Year of the Woman”, in honor of International Human Rights Day on Wednesday.

The Vermont-based indie/roots band partnered with award-winning director Genéa Gaudet to make the powerful video. Gaudet is known for exploring gender and sexuality in her work and is able to perfectly depict the meaningful lyrics on screen.

Lyrics such as, “He says he prays like a good god fearin’ white man, he can’t recall his trespasses” are met with images of Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court Justice who’s nomination was met with backlash across the United States earlier this year.

In fact, the highly-publicized Kavanaugh hearings are the catalyst for this song, the band writes,

We were shocked and upset to see the polarization around a woman brave enough to share her story of sexual abuse and that her abuser was ultimately named Supreme Court Justice…We’re two white men who are in proximity to the problem, and we want to use our platform…to raise the people closest to pain to power.

Images of the Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, are contrasted with images of Republican lawmakers questioning her as the band sings, “Its the year of the year of the woman, it’s about time for the world to see.”

Further commentary on the #MeToo movement is provided by images of notorious sexual abusers, like Brock Turner, adjacent to images of the women’s rights marches in the middle of the 20th century. Other notable women featured in the video are climate activist Greta Thunberg, as well as Monica Lewinsky.

Watch Dispatch’s new “Year of the Woman” video, directed by Genéa Gaudet below.

Dispatch — “Year of the Woman”

[Video: Dispatch]

The video is not just a commentary on American society and the troubles women face–it is a springboard for action. “Our society needs less ego and more of a nurturing spirit,” the band writes. “The time for gender equity is far overdue.”

With that, the Dispatch asks for fans to nominate a woman or girl in their lives that they want the world to know more about. They pledge to do interviews every other month next year with Calling All Crows to highlight the nominees.

While there are no currently scheduled tour dates for Dispatch, they are coming off a summer that was filled with festival appearances at events including Sea.Hear.Now. and High Sierra Music Festival.