Guitarist DJ Williams (Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe) and his band, Shots Fired, have released a new “visual album” on YouTube, Liftoff (YouTube Soundtracks). The surprise drop is only available on YouTube and, effective immediately, all ten tracks will be available via YouTube’s audio library for anyone to use royalty-free for their own homemade YouTube videos.

Liftoff (YouTube Soundtracks) is a 38-minute audio-visual piece consisting of vintage NASA footage including video of various Apollo liftoffs from a variety of camera angles, a space-shuttle launch, and finally, and NASA’s aerial images of Hurricane Florence. Ten new recordings from DJ Williams’ Shots Fired serves as the soundtrack to this footage.

Watch DJ Williams’ Shots Fired’s new Liftoff (YouTube Soundtracks) album below:

DJ Williams’ Shots Fired – Liftoff (YouTube Soundtracks) – Visual Album

[Video: DJ Williams]

Despite the visual album only being available on YouTube, DJ Williams’ Shots Fired will celebrate Liftoff (YouTube Soundtracks) with a release party this Saturday, March 16th at San Francisco’s Boom Boom Room, following DJ’s gig with Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe across town at The Independent. Shots Fired’s album release party will showcase an all-star lineup featuring Todd Stoops, Chris Stillwell, Max MacVeety,  Daniel Caseras and other special guests.

Head here for tickets to DJ Williams’ Shots Fired’s San Francisco album release party.