Who jams with Karina while floating at sea? Dogs In A Pile!

One of the many highlights from the recent Jam Cruise 19 was the Dogs In A Pile-led “Bikini Bottom Jam”, featuring the music of SpongeBob SquarePants and special guests Karina Rykman and Dan Kelly (Neighbor).

In new, fan-shot video, Dogs In A Pile are seen rocking the boat with the Marco Benevento bassist for a take on Ween‘s “Ocean Man”. It’s quite possible that the rising Asbury Park, NJ quintet of young men in their early 20s had their first taste of the New Hope, PA alt rock weirduo with “Ocean Man”‘s inclusion in the 2004 SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. That or the “Loop de Loop”, also by Ween, featured in the show’s second season.

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DIAP’s “Bikini Bottom Jam” also included other classic SpongeBob tracks like “Ripped Pants” and the arena-rock anthem “Sweet Victory”. The budding group even threw in some originals with thematic lyric adjustments, like “Craig & Pat” (“There was a sponge named Bob, he was a real nice guy…”).

Stepping aboard the MSC Divina back in January, Dogs In A Pile had a chip on their shoulder as one of the hot, rising acts of the jam circuit. When faced with this huge opportunity, the band chose not to pander to their audience which was likely at least double their age. They didn’t pick a Grateful Dead tribute set or some homage to music way before their time. Instead, they looked to their own influences and their own culture and presented a tribute to something personal to them. In a musical ecosystem where many are seen as doing the “Same Damn Thing“, Dogs In A Pile in this instance added their own design to the patchwork quilt.

Watch Dogs In A Pile cover “Ocean Man” by Ween with Karina Rykman aboard Jam Cruise 19. Revisit Live For Live Music‘s full coverage of day oneday twoday threeday four, day five, and day six of Jam Cruise.

Dogs In A Pile w/ Karina Rykman – “Ocean Man” (Ween) – 2/10/23

[Video: Nick Fitanides]