Dopapod made its triumphant return to Brooklyn Bowl over the weekend for the band’s first shows at the Williamsburg venue since March 2017. The pair of concerts came just days after owner Peter Shapiro reopened the New York flagship venue with a show by The Wailers.

The genre-bending quartet dusted off a couple of off-the-wall 2000s covers for the two-night run, including Muse‘s “Micro Cuts” (last played on 4/20/17) and Rudder‘s “Square Foot” (12/31/14), both appearing on Friday. Other Friday highlights included a powerful, show-opening “Turnin’ Knobs” and a whimsical “23 Forever” featuring guitarist Rob Compa on bass and bassist Chuck Jones strutting his stuff as a Tony Clifton-like frontman.

Dopapod also dug into its own catalog on Friday by delivering the first renditions of “Give It A Name” and “Off The Cuff” since 2019. The biggest original bust-out, however, came on Saturday as Dopapod performed the first “Priorities” since December 13th, 2017. Saturday’s show also saw a guest appearance from saxophonist Greg Sanderson (Turkuaz) on a second set “Freight Train” and a full-band jam on the Grateful Dead‘s “He’s Gone” during the “Indian Grits” encore.

Most of all, the quartet showed off its always-impressive range throughout the two-night run, cycling with ease through styles and sounds—from soft and soothing to angry and sinister, punishingly complex to wholesomely simple. While the group’s various influences were showcased in spurts, the collective result was uniquely, thrillingly “Dopapod”—a band just as intriguing for its consistent originality as for its master musicianship.

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Scroll down to check out out a pair of image galleries from Dopapod’s two-night Brooklyn Bowl run courtesy of photographer Chris Beikirch, as well as some fan-shot videos and audio from Friday thanks to 215music.

Dopapod is off the road until October 20th when the band will perform at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs, NY. For tickets and a full list of tour dates visit the band’s website.

Dopapod — Brooklyn Bowl — New York, NY — 9/10/21

[Video: mk devo]

Dopapod – “Vol. 3 #86” – New York, NY – 9/10/21

[Video: 215music]

Dopapod – “Off The Cuff” – New York, NY – 9/10/21

[Video: 215music]

Dopapod – Brooklyn Bowl– New York, NY – 9/10/21

(Note: Braindead, Grow, Encore: Happy Song, Roid Rage are missing)

Dopapod — Brooklyn Bowl — New York, NY — 9/11/21

[Video: mk devo]

Setlist: Dopapod | Brooklyn Bowl | New York, NY | 9/10/21

Set One: Turnin’ Knobs, Nerds, Micro Cuts ¹ -> Give it a Name, Dracula’s Monk -> Turn by Turn ² -> Vol. 3 #86

Set Two: Off the Cuff ² -> Psycho Nature, 8 Years Ended ² ³ -> Mucho ² -> 23 Forever, Square Foot ⁴, Braindead, Grow ²

Encore: Happy Song, Roid Rage ⁵
¹ Muse cover
² unfinished
³ Contained Frankenstein teases (Edgar Winter)
⁴ Rudder cover, LTP 12/31/14
⁵ contained Crosseyed and Painless tease (Talking Heads)

Setlist: Dopapod | Brooklyn Bowl | New York, NY | 9/11/21

Set One: French Bowling ¹, Plaese Haalp, Zonk > Black and White, Superbowl > Bluetooth, FABA

Set Two: Weird Charlie, Picture in Picture -> Trickery ², Freight Train ³, Priorities ⁴ -> Picture In Picture, Bubble Brain

E: Indian Grits ⁵

¹ Onionhead and National Anthem (Radiohead) teases
² FABA teases
³ Greg Sanderson of Turkuaz on saxophone
⁴ LTP 12/13/17, I Can’t Turn You Loose (Otis Redding) tease, unfinished
⁵ He’s Gone (Grateful Dead) jam