Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien has never been shy about his love for Phish. As he continues to promote the new album, Earth, from his EOB solo project, O’Brien has been on the press circuit giving interviews to various publications—and one thing that keeps coming up (aside from the album, of course) is Ed’s appreciation for the Phish from Vermont.

When asked by the Toronto Sun about what fans can expect from EOB live shows once he’s able to hit the road, O’Brien explained,

Doing extended jams is certainly something we’ve been doing. The idea is we take these songs and stretch them out. I’ve been really inspired by Phish and there’s a great podcast called Long May They Run, and it’s all about Phish and their story and their philosophy and their credo. They’re such an adventurous band. I’ve been really influenced by them. So the show is really where dance and rave meets Phish. That’s the place I want to be. 

Billboard also asked O’Brien about his Phish love after seeing a clip of him mentioning the jam stalwarts at a live show. In response, Ed explained,

I’m really influenced by Phish. I think they are just so [expletive] brilliant and they’re not on the radar here in Britain. I’ve just got so much respect for where they go musically. It’s like a jazz band; they are willing to take risks for a moment of musical transcendence. That’s what I’m after—I want to tap into that. I don’t think anybody opens up for Phish anymore, but if they were to do a festival, I’d love to be on their bill. 

You can watch the aforementioned clip from Ed O’Brien’s

Ed O’Brien Shouts Out Phish Onstage – Toronto 2020

[Video: jnl]

Of course, the admiration between the members of Radiohead and Phish has always been mutual. As Phish bassist Mike Gordon told Rolling Stone about his favorite live Phish moments in a 2016 interview, “When I’m really liking it, it doesn’t feel like a jam band – it feels like Radiohead, meditative and creative.” Phish has also covered Radiohead during a live show (“Everything In Its Right Place” on Lemon Night at the Baker’s Dozen in 2017).

You can listen to the debut solo album from Ed O’Brien (EOB) below:

EOB – Earth – Full Album