Eggy has revealed plans for a livestream initiative dubbed Choose Your Own Eggventure, where fans will receive personalized performances catered to their decisions within in a narrative storyline, ultimately resulting in an entirely customized setlist and virtual concert experience.

Coming on the heels of the Connecticut-based quartet’s successful series of live streams from their home studio, affectionately known as the Egg Crate, and appearances throughout the Live From Out There series as well as Pigeons Playing Ping Pong‘s virtual Homefest celebration, Eggy’s Choose Your Own Eggventure series was devised as a way to interact with fans on a genuine, personal level, a critical aspect that’s gone missing in 2020.

As the band explains on the somewhat cryptic Choose Your Own Eggventure website, “The choices you make in the course of your Eggventure will steer the narrative of an original short story authored by the band, and written only for you. Your decisions will bring your musical fantasies to life as you’ll be picking the songs and dream setlists you want to hear the band perform from their large catalog of originals and covers.”

Announced via a video that encapsulates the affable silliness of the rising jam act, Choose Your Own Eggventure will take a page out of the interactive children’s book series. Fans will find themselves exploring the enchanted forest, pulling off the great heist, or waking up washed ashore in a personalized story made just for them by members of the band. “Your Eggventure will seal your place in the Eggy universe — making you a part of our history forever!” the announcement proclaims.

Additionally, fans will be able to choose the length of their Eggventure from a variety of packages. “The Backyard Bear” will allow fans to choose one song for their journey and will see them paired up with fellow “bears” for a full set, with a price tag of $50. The next step up is “The Road Less Taken,” where fans pick up to five songs for a personalized livestream set for $200. Finally, the $500 “In It For The Ride” option allows the choice of up to ten songs for a personalized storytelling experience that will last for approximately one hour.

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Each of the packages comes with its own trove of extra goodies including commemorative or personalized art for download or on canvas, physical and digital copies of your “Eggventure,” a place in the “Eggventure log,” and much more. Each package will include a digital audio download of the show, with the “In It For The Ride” package including a multi-cam video download in addition to audio.

Eggy will host a Q&A session on the band’s Instagram page tonight, Tuesday, September 8th, at 8 p.m. ET to answer any questions and concerns related to the Choose Your Own Eggventure series. For more information, head to the band’s website and watch the video below.

Choose Your Own Eggventure: Your Invitation

[Video: Eggy]

The Eggy Choose Your Own Eggvenutre project is the latest in a string of creative and innovative “virtual tours” we’ve seen pop up throughout the live music world as regular concerts remain on hold amid the ongoing pandemic. Bands have used a number of tactics for these virtual tours, from secretly filming a tour’s worth of shows and doling them out gradually (as Greensky Bluegrass is going with The Leap Year Sessions) to crowd-less shows from various venues around town (as Billy Strings did with Streaming Strings) to creating a “bubble” for a week of live-streamed sets with virtual audience participation (the model Goose concocted for Bingo Tour).