Thousands of music fans in Wuhan, China gathered at a local water park to attend an electronic music festival this past weekend.

According to reports, thousands of fans flocked to the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park where music performances took place without any initiative for social distancing or face mask usage—although the bathing suits were out in full force. News of the outdoor event might come as a shock to fans here in North America, considering the Chinese city was ground zero for the COVID-19 outbreak at the start of the year. After implementing a strict 76-day lockdown from late January through April, however, the city’s virus outbreak was virtually eradicated and fans seem to be more than ready to get back to everyday life and enjoying the unparalleled thrill of live music.

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Reports shared this week didn’t state which artists performed at the event or exactly how many fans engaged in the outdoor fun, but the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park has welcomed an average of 15,000 daily visitors during weekends since it reopened in late June, according to park management. Per USA Today, “In order to enter the Wuhan water park, party-goers need to reserve tickets online in advance with their national ID number. On the day, they need to present their ID and a green health code generated from mobile apps that track people’s movements and whether they are subject to virus quarantine.”

Check out video footage captured on-site at the electronic music festival below.

Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park Music Festival

[Video: Rappler]

Countries outside of the United States and Canada have seen the return of outdoor music-based events since the mass global shutdown of the concert industry. European cities were the first to introduce the idea of drive-in concerts back in April, which are slowly becoming the norm for artists in America. The U.K. has also welcomed the return of outdoor concerts as approved by their government earlier this summer. Unlike event organizers at the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park, however, British promoters are using innovative audience seating strategies to encourage and enforce social distancing measures.