Guitar legend Eric Clapton is set to release his new album, I Still Do, on May 20th. In anticipation for the upcoming release, the guitarist has shared a unique animated video for his recently-released single, “Spiral.” The video takes a look at Clapton’s lengthy career, interpreting images from Cream, The Yardbirds and more to accompany the reflective lyrics of the song.

Watch the new video below:

With the album’s release set for May 20th, both MTV Live and VH1 Classic will air Eric Clapton: I Still Do – An Intimate Discussion About Rock, the Blues and Shepherd’s Pie on that same night. The album itself sees Clapton covering blues favorites from Robert Johnson and Bob Dylan, as well as putting the old Slowhand spin on some new original tunes like “Spiral.” 

Watch Eric Clapton Sit In With The Allman Brothers From 2009

Check out the full tracklisting from I Still Do below:

I Still Do Tracklisting

1. Alabama Woman Blues
2. Can’t Let You Do It
3. I Will Be There
4. Spiral
5. Catch the Blues
6. Cypress Grove
7. Little Man, You’ve Had a Busy Day
8. Stones in My Passway
9. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
10. I’ll Be Alright
11. Somebody’s Knockin’
12. I’ll Be Seeing You

[H/t Rolling Stone]