Eric Gould, known for his bass work with Pink Talking Fish and Particle, has announced the launch of Curbside Concerts. This new service will allow music-lovers across the country to book musicians to play out in front of their homes.

This new service comes as the live music industry begins to claw its way back into business with an array of actual live streams and drive-in concerts. Artists like Marc Rebillet, Spafford, and Aqueous have all already announced or played drive-in shows, but Curbside Concerts promises to go a step further.

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In a post to his personal page, Gould pitched Curbside Concerts as “a platform that is bringing live music performance back to people, face to face, in a “socially distant” way.” Gould acknowledged the growing prevalence of patio and drive-in concerts, but also noted that not every fan is ready for that yet. His proposal, therefore, is one that allows music fans to reconnect with live performances in the safest way possible. Much like delivery services Uber Eats or GrubHub, users can go to the Curbside Concerts website, enter their location, and choose from a variety of musicians that are willing to come and set up and play on their sidewalk.

Along with the announcement came this promotional video, where Gould explains the purpose of and inspiration for Curbside Concerts.

Curbside Concerts

Book a Curbside Concert on the organization’s website and read the full post below.

This has been a challenging time, to say the least. I am so happy to let you all know about a project that my partners and I have been spearheading this past month that will IGNITE POSITIVITY & JOY into the Live Music World.

Curbside Concerts is a platform that is bringing live music performance back to people, face to face, in a “socially distant” way. Drive in Concerts and Outdoor Patio Venues are opening back up but not everyone is ready for that yet. This is a way for Music Lovers to host concerts in their front driveway or lawn with a mutually agreeable understanding about physical distance safety due to COVID-19.

Similar to Uber Eats, you can go on the website ( and type in your zip code. A list of Musicians will pop up in the area who are available to drive to the host’s residence and perform a Curbside Concert.

The Musicians and the Music Lovers that I have spoken to are so excited about this! It’s a small beacon of light in a dark time. Live music is so healing and it gives me such pleasure to offer an outlet for this gift to come back into our lives.

I’ve assembled a team of amazing people from all facets of the music world, called Curbside Ambassadors. They are spreading the word about Curbside Concerts and bringing an awesome variety of musicians on board. You may have already heard from them!

MUSICIANS! – It’s time to, once again, spread the gift of live music to the world.

MUSIC LOVERS! – It’s time to, once again, feel that energy of live music coming at you face to face.

We are doing this. This is a beautiful solution to bring the power of live music back into our souls.