Eric Krasno wears many hats. The musician co-founded Lettuce and Soulive, has produced everyone from 50 Cent to Norah Jones, and even has a couple of Grammys under his belt. While many think of Krasno as a guitarist, singer, producer, bandleader, and more, most people don’t immediately think of him as a family man.

He is a husband and a father, above all, and after the pandemic forced him away from his day job as a touring musician, he ended up putting in long hours at home. That commitment to his wife and son became the focus of the forthcoming new album from Eric Krasno, Always, out on September 17th via Mascot Label Group.

“Before 2020, I was having a good time, but I wasn’t grounded at all,” Krasno said in a press release. “I was going from gig to gig. I was always running around without a purpose. During the last year, I found my people in terms of my wife and son. I’ve created a family who will always be there for me. That’s what the album is about.”

The impetus for Always came in the early days of the pandemic when Krasno lent his hand to a cover of Bob Dylan‘s “The Man In Me“, which also appears on the album. At the suggestion of his Lettuce bandmate Adam Deitch, Krasno connected with producer Otis McDonald for the New Morning cover.

“My wife and I got married, bought a house, and had a baby,” he said. “I had heard the song many times before, but it had never quite hit me the way it was hitting me. I recorded it with just acoustic guitar and vocals, and I loved what Otis did to it. He sent it back to me, and I thought, ‘This is exactly how I want to make my next record.’”

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The instant musical connection with McDonald led to Krasno’s latest endeavor, Eric Krasno & The Assembly, which made its debut at Red Rocks Amphitheatre earlier this month opening for The Motet. With Krasno on guitar and vocals, McDonald on vocals and bass, The Assembly also features Wil Blades (organ/keys), Curtis Kelley (drums/vocals), and James VIII (guitar/vocals).

Along with the announcement of Always, Eric Krasno has shared the lead single “So Cold”. Though Always mostly focuses on the brighter side of domestic bliss, that isn’t the case for “So Cold”. The song takes a soulful look at the chasm that can develop between what were once two bonded souls when resentment begins to boil over.

“It’s about a relationship,” Krasno said of the single. “This girl takes out her anger on other people, and the guy is trying to get to the bottom of what’s wrong and why she’s so cold. You’re trying to leave dark things behind and move into a more positive place. It has a hopeful tone because I’ve gotten past it.”

Listen to “So Cold”, the lead single off the forthcoming Eric Krasno solo album Always. Click here to pre-order and scroll down to see a full tracklist and album artwork.

Eric Krasno – “So Cold” (Official Lyric Video)

[Video: Eric Krasno]

Always Tracklist
1. Silence
2. So Cold
3. Lost Myself
4. Man in Me
5. Alone Together
6. Where I Belong
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Good Thing
9. Hold Tight
10. Always With You

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