Eufórquestra put on an absolute rock clinic this past weekend at their adopted home of Fort Collins, CO’s The Aggie Theatre, with what was a stellar headlining set of nothing but straight Led Zeppelin classics. The Burroughs performed an opening Space Jam-themed set to get the costumed crowd warmed up prior to the main event, including a performance of R. Kelly‘s “I Believe I Can Fly” (Note: Nobody was peed on during the making of the opening set).

With The Pimps of Joytime’s Kim Dawson joining the group with her powerful set of vocals, the group ran the gamut on the Zepp catalog, with spot on renditions of tracks such as “Immigrant Song,” Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You,” “Trampled Under Foot,” “No Quarter,” “What Is And What Should Never Be,” and many more hits. Whether it was material from the acts 1969 debut album, Led Zeppelin II, III, IV, Houses Of The Holy, or Physical Graffiti, Eufórquestra did much more than just a commendable job; they were straight-up on point.

If you are attempting to perform the music of an iconic group like Led Zeppelin, you’re going to need some serious vocals, and Dawson channeled her inner Robert Plant with super sexy and sultry singing, keeping the audience mesmerized the entire evening. Keyboardist Matt Wright and drummer Jeff Peterson (formerly of Cosby Sweater/Turbo Suit) also showed off some vocal prowess of their own throughout the night, with the latter crushing the John Bonham drumming on “Moby Dick,” which led into his own falsetto leading the way on “Rock & Roll.” Guitarist and bandleader Mike Tallman was shredding the legendary Jimmy Page leads, while Otis Lande delivered the deep John Paul Jones bass lines all night long.

Eufórquestra will take the Led Zeppelin performance to Denver’s Ophelia Electric Soapbox on Tuesday night for a Halloween proper set with Space Orphan. Purchase tickets here. Take a listen to some videos from The Aggie performance below:

 “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”:

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“Moby Dick > Rock & Roll”:

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[photos courtesy of Nicholas Stock @ Fat Guerrilla Productions]


SETLIST: Eufórquestra @ The Aggie Theatre – Fort Collins, CO – 10/28/17:

The Song Remains the Same, Immigrant Song, Misty Mountain Hop, D’yer Maker > Babe I’m Gonna Leave You > Hey Hey What Can I Do, Trampled Under Foot, The Ocean > No Quarter, Black Dog > Moby Dick > Rock & Roll > Moby Dick, Dazed & Confused, Fool In The Rain, What Is And What Should Never Be, Kashmir

Encore: Whole Lotta Love