HBO‘s hit series Game of Thrones has returned to dominate the pop culture landscape for its climactic final season. As any world-famous brand would do, the show’s producers are looking at all kinds of ways to expand the empire which Game of Thrones has become. The show’s latest project: working with Fender to develop a collection of guitars themed guitars inspired by the show and its characters.

Fender Principal Master Builder Ron Thorn was the man in charge of crafting very detailed interpretations of the various family houses from the show. In doing so, Thorn has successfully created a line of unique guitars which creatively showcases the spirit of Westeros’ most powerful families with three different models. The themes of House Stark are worked into a Telecaster model, while House Lannister comes on a Fender Jaguar, and House Targaryen is displayed on a Stratocaster.

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Thorn drew his inspiration from using the official family sigils, costume design, armor, weaponry, and geography in the show for the guitars’ artwork. For example, the House Stark Telecaster features inlaid silver purfling around the perimeter of its swamp ash body to symbolize the family’s “Gray Wolf” color scheme on the top and back, while using “Raven Black” on the sides. The House Lannister Fender Jaguar body features 24k gold leaf, in accordance with the fictional family’s wealth and prestige.

“I just felt like I was the right guy for the job,” Thorn said in a statement about his work on the project. “This is really right in my wheelhouse. In fact, if any of the other builders had gotten this project, I would have been so jealous. I would have been popping in every day and you would have had to shoo me away. It couldn’t be more me, as far as what I’ve done with guitars.”

You can learn more about the models in the video below, which also features an epic, all-star performance of the Game of Thrones theme on the aforementioned guitars with Anthrax’s Scott Ian, Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt, Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, and Game of Thrones showrunner/co-creator Dan Weiss.

Fender Game of Thrones Sigil Collection

[Video: Fender]

As for the cost of the guitars, each of the three models is reportedly priced separately and runs between $25,000 and $35,000. Not bad if you’re a member of one of Westeros’ noble houses and need to trade in your lute for something with a bit more power.