We all know the tale… you make the trek down to Jones Beach for that glorious outdoor Phish concert, dancing along, facing the water, beautiful music playing, and your friend turns to you. “I’m gonna grab a beer.” You frown.

For decades, you would have sadly explained to your friend that the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater doesn’t serve alcohol, that the New York State Park system doesn’t allow the sales or consumption of alcohol. Now, however, things are changing.

At last Friday’s Barry Gibb concert, Live Nation unveiled the Backstage Oasis at Jones Beach. The 2,800-capacity outdoor area marks the first location where non-VIP ticketholders can purchase alcohol — provided they don’t bring the booze back to their seats. Fortunately, the area has giant TV monitors, couches, and food truck vendors. Not too shabby.

It seems that Live Nation formed a committee to this end in 2012, and, after two years of petitioning, the Parks Department and the company worked out an arrangement that seems suitable to both ends. And now we can get beer at Jones Beach shows!