The Flaming Lips have released the fourth single from their upcoming album, American Head, entitled “You n’ Me Sellin’ Weed”. The song follows  previous singles “Flowers of Neptune 6“, “My Religion Is You“, and “Dinosaurs on the Mountain”.

Though the titles of the previously-released singles, along with this new one as well, sound like business-as-usual for the veteran psych-rock outfit, American Head promises to be a new experiment for the group. In a press release announcing the album last month, the band said that American Head will find them exploring their roots as an American band, and what it means to be a rock and roll group in this country.

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The video itself is a simple continuous shot of frontman Wayne Coyne staring forlornly out a moving car window. As the trees and scenery pass him by, Coyne sings the story of a couple, where one sells drugs and the other works at a slaughterhouse. The dour nature of the song is accented by delicately reverberated electric guitar and Coyne’s melancholy deliver. Yet, the tune finds glimmers of hope as rays of sunshine come through the trees that pass by, and the couple finds contentment in their less-than-ideal lot in life, “We’re the king and queen / Dope dealing celebrities in our dreams / Dreaming that one day we’ll get out of this scene / To the magic trees,” Coyne sings.

Watch The Flaming Lips’ new video for “You n’ Me Sellin’ Weed”. American Head is out on September 11th.

The Flaming Lips — “You n’ Me Sellin’ Weed” (Official Video)

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