The comedy-based folk duo known as Flight of the Concords have returned with a new live single titled, “Father and Son”. The weirdly entertaining tune was recorded during the band’s recent performance at London’s Eventim Apollo back on July 2nd, which was professionally filmed and resulted in their comeback special on HBO, Live in London. The song arrived to streaming platforms on Tuesday, in addition to an audio-only video of the single available for fans to enjoy on YouTube.

The 5: 26-minute song is written and presented as a back-and-forth spoken word duet between members Jemaine Clement (who plays the role of a father) and Bret McKenzie (as the son). “Father and Son” has some lovely melodies and instrumental parts, but this isn’t a feel-good folk ballad like the one Cat Stevens wrote in terms of a special father/son relationship.

Fans will be quick to pick up on the duo’s love for inappropriate storylines as McKenzie sings the opening lyrics, “Hey dad, I think today was a lot of fun”. The story takes awkwardly hilarious turn when McKenzie reminds his father, who’s clearly in denial about his collapsed marriage, that the fictional mom didn’t die, but rather left his dad to hook up with some guy named Trevor with whom she now lives.

Flight of the Conchords – “Father and Son” (Live in London)

[Video: Sub Pop]

“Father and Son” actually made its live debut for television audiences here in America during the duo’s recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert back in late September. The song’s performance during the HBO special would not air until a few weeks later when Live in London premiered on October 6th. The new song was also a staple in the band’s show during their summer tour of the U.K., often finding its way atop the nightly setlist.

Flight of the Conchords don’t have any current plans to return to North America in 2019, as of yet at least. Their last U.S. tour took place back in the summer of 2016, which included notable performances at venues including New York City’s iconic Forest Hills Stadium.

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