On Wednesday night, September 19th, comedian, actor, writer, and musician Fred Armisen joined Conan O’Brien as a featured guest on Conan, where he discussed his new Amazon series, Forever, as well as his tradition of wearing monster costumes to the Emmy’s. Armisen also spoke with O’Brien about his early-2018 Netflix comedy special, Standup For Drummers, which highlights Armisen’s characteristic peculiarity by intentionally catering its content to solely appeal to those who play the drums.

When the topic of his musician-oriented comedy came up in the conversation, Armisen giddily pulled out a cymbal he had stashed behind the couch to tell a joke about how drummers act when they go shopping new gear. As advertised, most everyone in the studio seemed to just think the joke was weird—but the drummer in the house band was in stitches.

He then talks about how he’s trying to branch out into jokes about other instruments, grabbing a new instrumental prop. “This is a guitar,” he deadpans, before applying the same off-kilter wit to jokes about blues and jazz guitarists and the annoyed body language of lead guitarists when the singer goes off on a political rant.

Fred Armisen Tells Jokes For Musicians On Conan

[Video: Team Coco]

Fred Armisen’s new Amazon series, Forever, co-starring fellow SNL alum Maya Rudolph, premiered last Friday, with new episodes set to be added to the streaming platform weekly. Watch it here.

You can also watch Fred Armisen’s musician-facing Netflix special, Standup For Drummers, here. The 2018 special was not the first time Armisen joined his loves for music and comedy to create amusing content. In 2016, as part of his and Bill Hader‘s mockumentary series, Documentary Now!, the pair formed a Talking Heads parody group and recorded an entire album for the gag [Spoiler Alert: It’s actually pretty good, all jokes aside]. You can listen to Fred Armisen and Bill Hader’s Talking Heads parody album here.