Twenty-one year old Gemini has had quite the career so far, releasing several critically acclaimed EPs, including the ‘Graduation EP‘ in collaboration with Feed Me. Earlier this year, his remix of Lana Del Ray‘s ‘Born To Die’ went viral, cementing him as an up and coming dubstep superstar. His latest EP, ‘Mercury‘, follows his previous path of success, containing five songs, each somewhat different, yet equally awesome.

The EP’s lead track, ‘Robots’, features 8-Bit style synths behind a pumping electro house beat reminiscent of Wolfgang Gartner or Daft Punk. It is a fairly big departure from the bass filled sound that many have come to associate with Gemini, yet will surely keep dance floors pumping for years to come.

Vocalist Fabienne is featured on ‘3D Romeo’, which sees a return to the somewhat slower paced dubstep style beats. Fabienne’s voice is reminiscent of the classic house sound of the 90′s, and fits perfectly in front of the modern beats. High pitched synths in the middle bring back memories of west coast hip hop beats (think NWA), which somehow fit perfectly over the rest of the track. The mix of multiple genres creates a new sound which I can only hope Gemini will explore in the future.

Showing the diversity of Gemini’s sound, the opening staccato synths in ‘Freedom’ feel almost trance-like. The song continues to build and build, before dropping into an incredible electro-house drop. There seems to be some classical influences within the drop that stand out as a memorable moment on the album.

‘Losing My Way’ is reminiscent of Gemini’s ‘Born To Die’ remix, with a slow melodic start and a well placed bass line. Haunting vocals are placed over, creating an eerie track that will please the fans of more laid back dubstep. If you got turned onto to Gemini through the ‘Born To Die’ remix, this track is most likely for you.

The EP’s final track, ‘Second Law’, is a return to the trance style heard earlier on ‘Freedom’. However this time, the big dubstep drop never really comes. This track seems like it would be at home mid set in the hands of an Ferry Corsten or Markus Schulz, and it is extremely impressive that Gemini can make music like this so masterfully. If I had to choose, this would be the EP’s stand out track – while Gemini is known for his dubstep wonders and synth heavy beats, this track is so unique and fantastic that it is definitely worth a listen.

Gemini has produced yet another top quality EP, this time switching up his style from track to track and showing off some new skills. It is most definitely worth a listen and a download. The EP drops on Beatport November 19th, and then on iTunes December 2nd. You can also catch Gemini as part of the huge UKF throw down at Hammerstein Ballroom on December 1st.