George Porter Jr. wants everyone out there to stop being so disgusting and wash your damn hands.

A music video shared by the veteran funk-rock bassist on Thursday highlights the importance of keeping oneself clean and sanitized as the entire live music community remains stuck at home and not out enjoying shows due to the coronavirus pandemic. The video themed around a catchy new tune titled, “Wash Yo’ Hands”, features home-shot footage of Porter’s friends and family in addition to healthcare professionals who are all seen practicing the self-cleansing habit while the funky song plays in the background.

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The idea for the funk-inspired infomercial came from both George and Katrina Porter, and resulted in a song that’s just catchy enough to get stuck inside one’s head in hopes that folks remember to wash their hands as often as possible.

Watch the new music video in full below, and don’t forget to wash yo’ hands!

George Porter Jr. – “Wash Yo’ Hands”

[Video: Fresh Start Communications]

Fans can catch Porter and a handful of other artists all this weekend as the bassist is set to participate in the Suwannee at Home: Spirit Raiser online fundraising festival.