On Thursday night, Goose continued weaving a five-night tapestry at The Capitol Theatre with the second of five sold-out nights at the historic rock palace in Port Chester, NY. Much like Dave Kloc and Max Mahn‘s six-part poster run for the week–one for each show, plus a bonus–every night of this run will stand on its own merits while adding to the mosaic of the residency at large.

On night two, Goose began connecting the Cap shows with the connective thread of “Loose Ends”: After teasing the tune during a massive “Drive” on night one, the band once again twisted “Loose Ends” into a tentpole jam on night two—this time, a late-show “Madhuvan”. No doubt that thread will continue to unravel and intertwine in new ways as the run continues to take shape.

Patterns. Continuity. Common threads. Loose Ends. Electricity on night one, power on night two. “Jive II” on night one, “Jive I” on night two. Rick’s emerging tone is becoming another theme of this young run, as evidenced throughout the opening trio of “Jive I” > “Atlas Dogs” and “Elizabeth”. The ensuing “California Magic” glowed with feral energy despite its standard play length (yet another pattern beginning to take shape this week).

Goose – “Jive I” > “Atlas Dogs” [Pro-Shot] – 3/9/23

A notable “Borne” came next, delivered in buoyant double-time feel as opposed to its usual contemplative heft, adding a sunny glint to the Dripfield staple’s existential lyrics. While the return to “Loose Ends” wouldn’t come until the end of the second set, listeners paying close attention could hear the first phantom notes of the unattributed song with mysterious origins before a gorgeous take on “The Old Man’s Boat”. Bassist Trevor Weekz’s assertion on the low end is another trend to watch this week, as evidenced throughout night one as well as on this “Boat” solo and the impressive, peaking, G.O.A.T.-contending, set-closing “Rockdale” that followed.

Goose – “Borne” (double time) – 3/9/23

This is already shaping up to be the year of the Goose, even with just four shows to the bands credit so far since calendars flipped to 2023. A 25-minute “Tumble” to open the second set underscored that point emphatically as some groovy guitar work by Peter Anspach reminded us all that two-guitar Goose is often the best kind. Next, the band took the opportunity to expanded its catalog with the year’s first debut, a tender ballad called “Not Alone”, which was very well received between the big jam lunacy of “Tumble” and the ensuing “Rosewood Heart”.

Goose – “Tumble” [Pro-Shot] – 3/9/23

Goose – “Not Alone” (Debut) – 3/9/23

Power still surged from night one’s electric current as a rearranged and awe-inspiring cover of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman”—played by Goose for just the fifth time ever—left minds blown and jaws agape on the backs of Rick Mitarotonda’s haunting vocals. Power, Lord, indeed.

“Madhuvan” will always be one of Goose’s definitive songs and jam vehicles, and the Capitol Theatre version developed slowly, confidently, and with patience as the band listened, waited, and created space. Instead of trying to lead the jam in any particular direction, Anspach, Mitarotonda, Weekz, and drummers Ben Atkind and Jeff Arevalo allowed the jam to lead them to unknown spaces. The result was a thing of beauty, and its eventual landing in a full-fledged “Loose Ends” jam to close the set served as an emphatic punctuation mark on this act in the ongoing story of Goose at The Cap. After a short break, the band returned to appreciative Gong Gang chants shouting out drummer and percussionist Arevalo before diving into a “Turned Clouds” encore that sent the crowd home with their spiritual cups full.

Before departing, Peter Anspach addressed the fact this was the band’s first-ever run of longer than two nights—a thrilling prospect as we move into night three. As the band posted on social media after the show, “2 down, three to go! We now venture into uncharted territory. Things are going to get weird.”

Still high from the fumes of one of my favorite Goose shows ever (again!), I must remind you that every show is still the best show since the last show until the next show, and even as Goose’s second night at the Cap will forever stand alone in both the historical record and my my memory banks, it also remains part of the larger story that’s just getting started. With the lion’s share of the band’s A-list catalog still laying in wait, there is no doubt that Goose will continue to weave other odds and (loose) ends into the Cap tapestry.

Let’s get weird.

Goose returns to The Capitol Theatre on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to continue the sold-out residency. Fans at home can tune in to nightly livestreams of the remaining Goose Capitol Theatre shows via FANS.Live here. For a complete list of upcoming Goose tour dates, head here.

Below, check out the full setlist from Goose night two of five at The Capitol Theatre and view galleries of photos from the show via Andrew Blackstein and Chris Quinn.

Setlist [via elgoose.net]: Goose | The Capitol Theatre | Port Chester, NY | 3/9/03

Set One: Jive I, Atlas Dogs, Elizabeth, California Magic, Borne[1], The Old Man’s Boat, Rockdale

Set Two: Tumble[2], Not Alone[3], Rosewood Heart > Sinnerman (Nina Simone), Madhuvan[5]

Encore: Turned Clouds

“Loose Ends” tease in Madhuvan
“Pick Up The Pieces” tease in Tumble

Coach’s Notes:
[1] Double time feel.
[2] With Pick Up The Pieces tease from Rick.
[3] FTP.
[4] Nina Simone.
[5] With Loose Ends teases.

While much of Goose’s upcoming spring tour schedule is sold out, some tickets remain for the band’s two-night headlining appearance at Daze Between New Orleans in New Orleans, LA on May 2nd and 3rd. Named for the “Daze Between” the two weekends of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival when the Fair Grounds go quiet but the city stays alive with festive energy, the two-day Daze Between New Orleans festival will feature two sets of Goose each night in addition to performances by Tank and the BangasLawrenceNeal FrancisDavid ShawGeorge Porter Jr. & Runnin’ PardnersEggyMeltHoney Island Swamp BandJ & The Causeways, and The Quickening. A portion of proceeds from the Daze Between New Orleans will benefit New Orleans nonprofit organizations via Rex Foundation. Find ticketing information via the festival website.

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