Gorillaz concluded Song Machine, Season One this week with the release of Episode Nine, “The Lost Chord”, featuring Leee John. While Gorillaz released audio of the song earlier this year when the full-length Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez album dropped, the animated band concluded the video portion of the series on Thursday.

“The Lost Chord” features British musician and actor Leee John collaborating with the non-virtual Gorillaz members, Damon AlbarnJamie Hewlett, and Remi Kabaka Jr. As any Gorillaz enthusiast knows, the lore is half the fun with this virtual band. Opening up on Plastic Beach, the former studio and secondary home of the Gorillaz—as well as the name of the band’s 2010 album—Murdoc appears on screen after taking off the Boogieman mask. The Boogieman has been an antagonist in the band’s lore since the Plastic Beach album, torturing members 2-DRussel Hobbs, and Noodle since Murdoc made a deal with him in exchange for musical success.

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Throughout the video, Gorillaz members confront the Leee John sea monster as he rises from the ocean and sets his sights on Plastic Beach. With his laser eyes, John severs the lighthouse from the main island, trapping the Gorillaz as the island burns. John’s laser eyes then turn towards the lighthouse itself, destroying everything in its path. 2-D, Hobbs, and Noodle narrowly escape through a portal, however, Murdoc is left alone on the crumbling wreckage. Then, at the last second, 2-D opens the portal once more and offers a hand to Murdoc, before Plastic Beach is destroyed once and for all.

While this writer is no expert on Gorillaz lore, it seems as though this video signifies a new beginning for the band. It’s clear that Murdoc has realized his past mistakes and is clearly horrified at his own actions that led to this moment. 2-D saving him at the last second signifies good faith. As the lore for Demon Days, the band’s 2005 album, ended with the destruction of Flying Windmill Island—a sign of bad things to come—the destruction of Plastic Beach (which is where Murdoc’s selfish behavior became prominent) may elude to a more positive future. Whatever it signifies, fans will have to wait for the next season of Song Machine to find out.

Watch the Song Machine, Season One finale, “The Lost Chord”, below and click here for the latest Gorillaz releases.

Gorillaz ft. Leee John – “The Lost Chord” (Song Machine Episode Nine)

[Video: Gorillaz]