Maybe you’ll find direction, around some corner where it’s been waiting to meet you.

A new documentary on Grateful Dead fans titled Box of Rain highlights the communal bond of Deadheads. Available digitally via Mutiny Pictures on May 3rd, a trailer finds fans of the psychedelic juggernauts recounting how following the Dead set them on a new course.

Premiered on Monday by ComingSoon, the trailer for Box of Rain begins with one fan’s account of a traumatic experience at 17. Lonnie Frazier was set adrift on a chaotic path of self-destruction and contemplating suicide until a friend offered her a weekend escape to Red Rocks Amphitheatre to see the Grateful Dead in 1985. That weekend vacation turned into a lifelong and life-saving infatuation with the band and its surrounding community.

“This film is an exploration of the Deadhead family, past and present, and the qualities that make it unique,” a synopsis reads. “We follow Lonnie as she reconnects with the women she traveled with in her youth, and makes new friends along the way. Through wide-ranging interviews, she seeks to dispel the common stereotypes about Deadheads and document the beauty of the community. We learn how the Grateful Dead touched the lives of so many people, the healing they found through the music, and the memories they cherish most. Twenty-five years after the road trip that started it all, Lonnie returns to Red Rocks in her quest to complete this film. On this journey, she discovers healing, and the power to write her own story.”

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The film’s trailer hosts more familiar stories from Deadheads who embarked on similar paths of discovery through the band’s music. Pivotal moments in adolescence are met with spiritual wanderlust, leading to a community that has carried these fans throughout their lives.

“When I think of the other directions my life could have gone, it is frightening,” Frazier says in the clip.

Watch the trailer for the forthcoming Deadhead documentary Box of Rain, as well as a teaser clip. Visit the film’s website for more information.

Box of Rain Trailer (2022) – Grateful Dead Fan Documentary

Box of Rain | Official Teaser | Mutiny Pictures