The Grateful Dead has announced the forthcoming release of the latest addition to their Dave’s Picks archive live album series, as selected by their archivist David Lemieux. The 34th edition of the ongoing series highlights a show from the Dead’s “Wall of Sound” era with their June 23rd, 1974 performance at the Jai Alai Fronton in Miami, FL.

The 3 CD box set, due out May 1st, will be limited to just 22,000 numbered copies and will feature the live audio recorded by Kidd Candelario on 7.5 IPS reel-to-reel tapes converted to HDCD by the Dead’s longtime mixing/mastering engineer Jeffrey Norman. Songs performed as part of the 6/23/74 show included “Ramble on Rose”, “Jack Straw”, “Let It Rock”, and “To Lay Me Down”, “Weather Report Suite”, “Seastones”, “Dark Star Jam”, “Uncle John’s Band”, and more.

Dave’s Picks subscribers will also receive a bonus disc with six songs from the Dead’s 6/22/74 show at the Jai Aliai Fronton including “Playing in the Band”, “Eyes of the World”, “Sugar Magnolia”, and more.

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Lemieux mentioned in a statement about the forthcoming release,

To my ears, the best Dead shows are those that not only fit the criteria that make them amongst the best of a year, but that are also completely unique for their era—shows that fit perfectly into their year of performance, but also fall somewhat outside of the norm for that year. Harpur College, Veneta, Cornell, Cape Cod, and Augusta are all shows that are objectively excellent, and if they are not the best from their respective years of performance, they are certainly unique. Miami 6/23/74 falls into that category: not only one of the very best shows from this outstanding year, but also one of the most interesting and unique. It’s certainly worthy of many, many deep listens.

Watch Lemieux further discuss the forthcoming Dave’s Picks release from his home quarantine below.

Grateful Dead – Quarantine Chat: Dave’s Picks Volume 34

[Video: Grateful Dead]

The album’s announcement this week was also joined by the news that Dead & Company has been forced to cancel their 2020 summer tour, citing the COVID-19 health pandemic circulating North America for the foreseeable future.

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