Whoever thought a soundcheck setlist would be in so much demand? But as the craziness that is the Grateful Dead‘s 50th Anniversary in Chicago commences, even the soundcheck is fair game. One point of interest that many critics of the Santa Clara shows should be happy about is the stepping up of Trey Anastasio on lead vocals (and on lead, in general). While Anastasio seemingly took a backseat last weekend, he was featured on lead vocals for a good portion of yesterday’s set, most notably on “Crazy Fingers” and “Help On The Way.” It would be the right move to allow Big Red to let things fly and do what he was brought in to do.

With the band warmed up after last week’s festivities, this weekend will hopefully prove to be the swan song that every Dead fan around the world is hoping for. Good luck boys! See you all at Soldier Field in a just a mere few hours.

Check out the setlist via Hamburglar399 HERE.

Soldier Field Soundcheck Setlist
Box Of Rain
Music Never Stopped jam
Crazy Fingers
Mason’s Children
New Potato Caboose
Let It Grow
Help On The Way
Lost Sailor 

[cover photo courtesy of Phantasy Tour user opossum]