A security precaution regarding handling people who are on LSD at the Grateful Dead reunion shows has leaked. It warns that “guests under the influence of LSD may ‘see’ images, ‘hear’ sounds, and/or ‘feel’ sensations that do not actually exist.”

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It goes further to break down a “pleasurable” vs. “upsetting” trip. Attendees on acid having a pleasurable experience, they explain, may “sit or recline in a trance-like state” or “dance or spin with intricate and repetitive hand motions.”

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An upsetting experience, on the other hand, may be characterized by acting “on their increased sensuality (removing clothes, PDA, etc.), poor judgment, and disregard for personal space. These people “may be combative” and security personnel are warned not to make contact with them, as “LSD can be absorbed through skin to skin contact.”

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Workers are instructed to refrain from referring to these people as “tripping,” remain calm and non-aggressive, and treat others the way they would want to be treated. Check out the complete document below.