Greg Loiacono (The Mother Hips) and singer Jamie Drake have reunited on an enchanting new duet single entitled, “Bound To Fall”, which was released on Friday via Blue Rose Music.

The softer tune, which captures a modern-day spin on the love ballads of the 1950s and early 60s, was written two years ago in March 2019 before being recorded last summer. “Bound To Fall” marks the second time that Loiacono and Drake have released a song together, as the two previously performed on Loiacono’s 2019 single “San Felipe”.

“I think we’ve truly captured a specific, vintage, musical world in an authentic way,” Drake said in a press statement on the new song. “We were visited by a classic-feeling melody as we began to write and it brought a bit of magic to our session—along with plenty of failed relationship experiences to contextually pack into the lyrics. I remember laughing while suggesting the line about listening to Steely Dan and hearing the saxophone play. It’s such a real detail and I’m sure someone out there will relate.”

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Loiacono and The Mother Hips celebrate their 30th anniversary this year, while Drake continues to grow her fanbase within the indie-folk/singer-songwriter genre thanks to the 2019 release of her acclaimed debut album, Everything’s Fine.

Listen to the new duet via the YouTube player below. Scroll down to read Drake’s full backstory for how the song came into existence.

Greg Loiacono & Jamie Drake – “Bound To Fall”

[Video: Greg Loiacono]


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