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Macon Streets Will Close For Gregg Allman Album Release Party At The Big House Museum

The loss of the legendary Gregg Allman shook the music community to its core back in May. With his final work Southern Blood on the way, due out this Friday, September 8th, fans of the Allman Brothers Band singer/songwriter/organist are looking for ways to continuously honor and commemorate their fallen idol. The celebrations must continue in his honor, with a huge gathering planned at the birthplace of the Allman Brothers Band this weekend in Macon, Georgia.

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On September 9th, a series events will take place at The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House. The festivities will begin around 5:30PM, when Allman will be posthumously honored with the key to his beloved hometown at a commemorative celebration, as Mayor Reichert proclaims December 8 (Gregg Allman’s birthday) Gregg Allman Day in Macon, Georgia. Then, the “SOUTHERN BLOOD: CELEBRATING GREGG ALLMAN” event will continue as a live Q&A with son and guitarist/vocalist Devon Allman, manager Michael Lehman, Gregg Allman Band bandleader/guitarist/vocalist Scott Sharrard, and Allman’s closest friend Chank Middleton joined by Chuck Reece, Editor-in-Chief of The Bitter Southerner. The event will be catered by the H&H restaurant which kept the Allman Brothers fed for the entirety of their career, even in the early days when they couldn’t pay. Allman and Sharrard will perform an acoustic live set of music in honor of their fallen leader around 8:30PM. Before and after the event, Southern Blood will be playing loud for all those to enjoy. The event’s curfew is 11PM.

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The Big House Museum plans to host 600 people at the sold-out gathering, however they expect many more to join the party. Similar to the street celebrations that took place during Gregg Allman’s procession, lanes will be closed off on either side of Vineville Avenue between Corbin and Rogers. Traffic will continue to flow through the middle two lanes, but opposite lanes will open for fans to gather. There will also be plenty of space on the sidewalks and in the property next door, so fans are encouraged to bring their coolers and enjoy the music. The event will be equipped with a 2,000W PA system, which will ensure that all those listening from the street will be able to hear the album, as well as the interviews, and live performance.

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If you haven’t yet visited the Big House, make sure that you do at some point. You’ll see instruments, sheet music, personal photographs, clothes and other belongings once held by members of the originators of the 1970’s new sound dubbed “Southern Rock.” A walk through the house includes the instrument room where the band practiced, Duane Allman’s bedroom, Berry & Linda Oakley’s “casbah” and the kitchen where “Ramblin Man” was written. When the band sang “Please Call Home,” they were talking about The Big House. Come see it for yourself and relive the music, the vibe and the love shared by Allman Brothers Band fans worldwide. More information is available on the Big House website.