Future funk all-star GRiZ has hit the road once again to kick off his newest tour, Ride Waves: Season One. Following a number of shows in the northeast, GRiZ brought the high energy, genre-bending show to the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn and The Met in Philadelphia this past weekend alongside a cast of musicians and vocalists, both new and old.

The tour is in support of sixth studio album, Ride Waves, which features rap superstars Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, D.R.A.M, Funk legend Bootsy Collins, singer/songwriter Matisyahu, and rounded out by some soulful choruses performed by the Chicago Children’s Choir and the Harlem Gospel Choir. The album acts as GRiZ’s most ambitious project to date, with the 28-year-old producer trying new things musically, both on the album, and throughout the tour.

Familiar faces on stage with GRiZ this tour include Muzzy Bearr on guitar and vocals, Leo Napier featured on vocals for a number of tracks, a two-piece brass section.

The most obvious difference in GRiZ’s live show is the absence of a mixer or laptop that would be typical of a DJ performance. Instead, when he’s not singing or dancing to entertain the crowd, GRiZ alternates between an Akai MPC and a tablet customized to trigger effects to the backing track, all while his bandmates alternate on and off stage to perform on their assigned tracks. GRiZ also picks up the guitar to perform live for the first time, which is unusual considering the producer is most known for his mastery of the saxophone. This new instrument application seems to be a symbolic gesture of the risk-taking that has made the Detroit native so successful.

Ride Waves: Season One picks up again this week as it makes its way across the country. If you miss the tour this time around, you can catch GRiZ at what will be his final Red Rocks performances on July 30th and 31st. Fans can also wait to and hear what Ride Waves: Season Two will bring.

Fans can check out the gallery below relive the action from this weekend’s performance at Kings Theatre, courtesy of photographer Adam Straughn.

For a full list of GRiZ’s upcoming tour dates, head to his website here.