Ice Cube doesn’t give a f*^k about your politics, bro. The N.W.A. co-founder and gangsta rap pioneer found himself in hot water this week after meeting with President Donald Trump‘s campaign regarding his Contract With Black America proposal published earlier this year.

Disgruntled fans and armchair political theorists alike expressed the expected level of outrage after the news broke, and Ice Cube hasn’t shied away from the spotlight. In fact, he embraced it, giving a lengthy interview with Rolling Stone‘s Jamil Smith, explaining why he took the meeting with the Trump campaign in the first place. Cube isn’t concerned with optics. He’s concerned with one thing, and one thing only: meaningful change for the Black community.

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“I had a Zoom call with the Biden campaign. People on the call from Congress, to people working directly with the Biden campaign. They actually said that they agreed with 85 percent of the Contract With Black America. They [said that they] basically want to win the election, and then they would bring me in to discuss it and try and get things pushed through,” said Cube.

Then the Trump administration contacted the hip-hop mogul and expressed interest in discussion the CWBA with regards to their own “Platinum Plan.”

“We saw your Contract with Black America, and we have a Platinum Plan. We’d like to pump our Platinum Plan,” Cube recalled of the conversation. “We all know ‘minority’ is a trick word, try to direct some of these things directly to Black people. So we did that… It got to a point where they actually wanted to sit down.”

Cube continued, “We went to Washington. I didn’t go to the White House and I didn’t meet Trump. I never met Trump in my life. We met and talked [with the campaign] at a hotel, and when they brought out their plan, they implemented some of the things that they had got out of the Contract with Black America.”

Throughout the interview, Smith questioned Ice Cube about his willingness to work with the Trump campaign, and Cube doubled down. He explained that no matter who wins the November 3rd election, the issues that the Black community faces will need to be dealt with and he doesn’t have time to play politics when people’s lives are on the line.

“To me, this is an eight- to 10-year journey to change business as usual to business that benefits American descendants of slaves. So that’s the goal, and I don’t know who is going to be the president through this time. I just know this is a bipartisan issue. This is not a Democratic issue. This is up to both parties to solve,” he told Smith.

“Just like they come together to figure out the debt ceiling or figure out giving money to the military. You seem to see all the ‘bipartisan’ go out the window when it’s time to do those things after a certain point. So, we’re going to have to approach this the same way, and I don’t care who the president is. I really only care about [Black Americans] getting capital and equity because we’re not even part of the game. We think we are. We pretend to be. But you’re not even part of the game in a capitalistic society without no money.”

When Smith tried to ask Cube a leading question, pressing him on whether or not he believed both parties are equal offenders when it comes to the oppression of Black Americans, the rapper acknowledged the insinuation but offered his own take on the situation.

“People are looking like they fixin’ the solutions, but they’re actually making it more confusing. They’re actually making it where the money still doesn’t reach the bottom. They still have their tricks when it comes to language. ‘Minority,’ ‘diversity,’ ‘people of color,’ and all these words that they use, and we think we get a big chunk of that, and we don’t. So both parties are guilty.”

He then questioned Smith on the very premise of his question.

“But let me just ask you this because one party we’ve been very loyal to: What’s worse, if your enemy does you wrong, or your family do you wrong,” referring to the Democrats as “family.”

Throughout the interview, Ice Cube made it clear that he isn’t being used. When Smith asserted that a tweet from the Trump campaign Senior Advisor, Katrina Pierson, was a hollow publicity stunt, Cube fired back. He exclaimed that is willing to sit down and talk with anyone in power and anyone that is willing to help the Black community, and if their purpose shifts, he will walk away and talk to the next person who shows willingness to enact change.

“I’m going to go talk to every president until we get this done. I’m not playing this game no more of jumping on this team and that team and this side and that side. I don’t care. I’m saying I’m a single-issue voter.”

As Smith tried to accuse him of legitimizing Trump by merely talking with the campaign of the current, and possibly future, President of the United States, Cube compelled the interviewer to take an honest look at both candidates.

“He may want to be cool with Black people and do a whole lot. From my understanding, don’t too many people go there and ask him to do too much for the Black community. They ask him to do stuff for them and their little projects and their little sh!t,” said Cube.

“Now, he lies. But when you really look, all of them lie. They all do the same thing. And Trump, I don’t know if he [is] a good guy or not. I don’t really care because they all been bad guys to us. Let’s just be real. So at the end of the day, we got to figure out how we [are] going to get capital into our hands because everything else is not going to get us the freedom that we’re looking for. These dignity and social issues definitely need to be handled, but until you have money and capital, you get no dignity in a capitalistic country.”

While Ice Cube’s actions regarding the Trump meeting, and his subsequent comments in this interview, may have surprised many, it highlights his consistency on this issue. Back in September, Ice Cube posted a video to Facebook expressing his views on partisan issues and the current state of American politics. Additionally, he posted a video to Instagram earlier this week discussing his mindset for his most recent actions and his vision for the future of Black America. Watch both videos below and click here to read the entire interview with Rolling Stone.

Ice Cube Talks About Voting

Ice Cube – “Don’t Kill The Messenger”


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