Ida Mae has announced the coming release of Click Click Domino, the husband-and-wife duo’s sophomore studio album following 2019’s critically-acclaimed Chasing Lights. The album is set to arrive on July 16th via Thirty Tigers.

In honor of the album’s announcement, the husband-and-wife duo shared its title track. Steeped in roots rock reverb and attitude, “Click Click Domino” hits extra hard thanks to some blistering guest guitar work by Marcus King.

As Ida Mae’s Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean Ward explain of the new track in a press release, “This was written kind of as a knee jerk song. The unfiltered noise of social media, concerns surrounding social engineering, the lack of emotional connection and physical disconnection gets to all of us. We all know how easy it is to falsify an image, be it in fashion / politics / or any aspect of your everyday and in a lot of people’s lives it has become a necessity to play into it. [We] wanted to write the lyrics to ‘Click Click Domino’ almost as Twitter statements, counting characters, making a short sharp stream of consciousness commentary.”

“The riff was originally inspired by the playing of one of our favourite guitar players Pop Staples and it slowly morphed into something that in my mind almost echoed moments of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac,” they continue. “It kicked up a gear when Marcus King came over and we stood side by side, soloing call and response guitar lines over the outro. The attitude of his playing was perfect.”

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Adds King, who also lent his playing to as yet unreleased Click Click Domino track “Deep River”, “A warm summer Nashville evening, enjoying a whiskey beverage with my lady and two of our best friends in town, Chris & Steph of Ida Mae. I listened through the track ‘Click Click Domino’ and was immediately floored by the raw nature of the recording, the intensity and the undeniable, delightfully British rock sound I had grown up [on] being captured. I’m honoured to have played on this track. What a powerhouse album and what a powerhouse band.”

The “Click Click Domino” video, filmed around the streets of London, employs a “tunnel-vision” motif as it follows Turpin and Ward through the city. Stream or download the single from the platform of your choice here and watch the video below:

Ida Mae ft. Marcus King – “Click Click Domino” [Official Video]

[Video: IDA MAE]

See below for a full tracklist for the forthcoming Ida Mae album, Click Click Domino. To pre-order/pre-save the album, head here.

Ida Mae – Click Click Domino – Album Tracklist

Click Click Domino Tracklist:
1. Road to Avalon
2. Click Click Domino (feat. Marcus King)
3. Line on the Page
4. Raining for You
5. Little Liars
6. Deep River (feat. Marcus King)
7. Heartworn Traders
8. Calico Coming Down
9. Learn To Love You Better
10. Long Gone & Heartworn (feat. Jake Kiszka)
11. Mountain Lion Blues
12. Sing A Hallelujah
13. Has My Midnight Begun

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