Grammy week seems to bring all sorts of surprises and storylines to the forefront of music news media. While some are not always pleasant—like Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer suing his band—others are exactly what we need.

One such surprise is Iggy Pop and Cage The Elephant collaborating on “Broken Boy”, the lead track off CTE’s latest—and Grammy-nominated—album, Social Cues. The “Godfather of Punk,” who is a 2020 Grammy “Lifetime Achievement” recipient, added vocals to an otherwise unchanged “Broken Boy”.

“Cage is a super high energy outfit, living the rock dream, so for a couple of fun minutes I was one of the boys,” Pop said in a statement. “Sounds pretty wicked to me.”

Cage The Elephant singer Matt Shultz had many kind words to say about Pop in a statement of his own:

He’s such a pioneer in so many fields: lyrically, culturally, poetically, visually, musically, and stylistically. Only a couple times in your life do you have the opportunity to share a moment with a visionary and beautiful human as he is. I’m grateful and blown away to have experienced and witnessed, not just his creativity, but also his kindness, humility, and humanness first hand. Such a testimony to the power of love. 

Listen to the collaboration between Iggy Pop and Cage The Elephant on “Broken Boy” below.

Cage The Elephant ft. Iggy Pop – “Broken Boy”

[Video: Cage The Elephant]

For reference, listen to the original recording here.

Cage The Elephant – “Broken Boy”

[Video: Cage The Elephant]

Both Cage The Elephant and Iggy Pop have tour dates scheduled over the winter and spring months. Click here for more Cage The Elephant tour information and here for more Iggy Pop tour information.