In honor of the unfortunate girl who will forever be known as ‘that girl who $%*#(D a tree at Ultra, and her amazing run to internet meme fame, we’ve decided to bust out a list of other videos that went viral post festival of ‘the time the guy next to you at the festival went completely nuts at 7am in the morning and it was the funniest thing i ever saw’. And to the tree lovin girl – we’re sorry but you’ll have to get used to this, a video like this goes viral after every festival not to mention you’ll be on Tosh.0 next week, and then will live on, in lists like this forever. Please feel free to leave your own favorite festival videos in our comments section.

Tighty Whities of Fire

There something about watching someone get stuck in a tent like this that just tickles my funny bone. We’ve all seen it before, it just never gets old. It’s like when you see a puppy stuck under a big blanket, and he’s tossing and turning and barking, and you know all you have to do is pick up the blanket – but you don’t until he gets out because its hilarious. Yeah, that’s what this is like.

Somebody help him put on his flip flops

This guy, who is clearly on another fucking planet, spend a laughably long amount of time trying to put on his sandals. He gets one on for one second, and then immediately loses both. After he finally gets them on, he manages a thumbs up and walks away – but there is no way they stayed on his feet for another 5 seconds.

The Shopping Bag Thong

So three guys bro out in the back of Lollapalooza doing some terrible breakdance moves, crab walks, frog jumps, and probably some other animal theme dance moves to the point that there is a nice circle surrounding them. Some of the dumbest dance moves I’ve ever seen continue until one gets a shopping bag and decides to climb into it. This video gets extra credit for Feed Me’s ‘Blood Red’ bumping in the background.