Coming April 2nd is We Create the new album from Monterey Bay’s indie-folk duo, The Jinxes. Deanna Ross and Kevin Smith are excited about their second EP, which is being released just two weeks before their wedding date – what a month of celebrations!

Ross and Smith are similar sounding to bands including The Weepies, Simon and Garfunkel, Passenger and Lady Antebellum. Their music has been described as soothing, simple and refreshing.

The duo in love released their debut EP Send Me A Sign in 2013. The debut EP was the product of a Kickstarter campaign the couple started and ended up being extremely successful. Since then, Ross and Smith have been creating new music to share with their listeners and fans in preparation of their upcoming release of We Create.

The Jinxes are the perfect soundtrack for easy-going days filled with relaxation in the sunshine. The mix of soothing and soft instrumentations with simple and relatable lyrics, the duo is best listened to when needing to cool and calm down, and just chill out. I threw on some of their tracks, fresh tea in hand, while sitting down to write for the evening, and felt myself completely in the zone with no worries at all.

We Create will be available April 2nd and will also be released as a beautiful 10-page digizine available at Be sure to check out the The Jinxes website for more news and tour date announcements, and snag your copy of their upcoming EP once released for some laidback and relaxing spring tunes.

– Amanda Cowan