Space Bacon has been having a fantastic year, and they’re prepared to make sure that the last few months of 2019 are just as good—if not better—than the first few. The band packed venues all over the northeast during the spring and flew to Denver for their Colorado debut to perform in front of a sold-out crowd at Your Mom’s House, a definite sign that their national fan base is growing.

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After kicking off their current fall tour at Club XL in Harrisburg, PA in September, the band has their sights set on their second annual Space Invasion event. Last year’s two-night run at Mercury Lounge in New York City’s Lower East Side was a huge success, and this year they’ve decided to bring the event to their home base of Brooklyn. The multi-venue takeover takes place on Saturday, October 12th and will feature eight different acts at two different venues, Sunnyvale and The Kingsland.

Live For Live Music had a chance to sit down with Space Bacon keyboardist Chris Gironda and ask him a few questions on this year’s Space Invasion and more.

Live For Live Music: For people that don’t know, what is “Space Invasion”?

Chris Gironda: Space Invasion has become an annual event hosted by us–Space Bacon, in New York City, in the fall. Last year, our now-manager Harrison Waxenberg worked with us to curate the first two-night Space Bacon run in NYC, which we dubbed “Space Invasion.” It’s essentially a massive party featuring multiple Bacon sets as well as sets from our favorite bands, DJs, and friends. This year we’re bringing it to Brooklyn for a single-day, dual-venue, 11-hour music marathon with some of the best up-and-coming acts in the area.

L4LM: What made you guys switch from Mercury Lounge to the multi-venue approach of Sunnyvale and Kingsland in Brooklyn?

CG: Mercury Lounge was awesome last year and super gracious to the venue for hosting us. This year we wanted to bring the party to Brooklyn. We’re based and live in Brooklyn, and we felt that the grit and rawness that [the borough] brings is a great backdrop for Invasion. The cool thing is that it’s not fixed, maybe we’ll do it in Staten Island next year, who knows.

L4LM: Why is it so important to you guys to have this event in your home city of New York? Is there a certain kind of energy in the air when you guys throw down there?

CG: The hometown feel just hits different, I think most bands can agree on that. There is history and roots in the city you come up in, and there are fans there who have seen you since the early days. We’re fortunate to have started off in New York, which is a huge city with lots of opportunities, it’s been a great platform for connecting with fellow bands and fostering relationships with musicians and fans alike.

L4LM: Does one ticket purchase give you access to both shows at both venues?

CG: Yes! The advance ticket gets you full access to the entire event (both venues) for the price of one. Grab em ahead of time and save some money. We always want to find ways to hook up the fans, so we figured a nice package deal was the way to go.

L4LM: If you had one message for fans about this year’s Space Invasion, what would it be?

CG: Get there early and see all the acts. Harrison did such a great job curating this year’s line up with some of the best up and coming acts (Sonic Gymnastics, Mission Control) as well as NYC staple (Teddy Midnight), class act DJs (Newpy Hundo, Kiki Ferguson) and the debut of a really special project called INJOi, led by Fred Rylands and featuring Kito [Bovenschulte] from Particle, Paulie [Katz] from Microcave, and Danny [Caridi] from Teddy Midnight. Space Bacon has something unique planned for the late night as well. Oh, and stay hydrated, gonna be a long day of music! See you on the dance floor.

Fans can get their tickets to Space Bacon’s 2019 Space Invasion on October 12th here.

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