Isaiah Sharkey breathes new life into his recent single, “Stay”, in a new live in-studio video. Bringing the energy of a live band to the track, Sharkey showcases his dynamic range while stretching out with expressive improvisation on both guitar and vocals.

Released this spring with an animated music video, “Stay” was “inspired by an encounter that I had on a cruise ship,” Isaiah said. “Meeting a woman and connecting. You know, speaking and just having great conversation. I embellished on that story of two people meeting on a cruise and falling in love and not wanting to leave. And they end up staying together forever. It’s inspired by that story and ‘Voyage To Atlantis’ by The Isleys.”

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Sharkey expresses the feelings of connection and yearning that inspired the song with characteristic skill and grace as he settles into the tune, adding vocal embellishments and subtle guitar licks. Eric Johnson (drums), Maurice Fitzgerald (bass), Tim Tribitt (keys), LA Williams (guitar), Angel Sharkey (acoustic guitar), and Aniba Hotep and Slique Jay Adams (background vocals) support and complement his voice, providing an uplifting swell as his buoyant guitar leads turn to soulful shredding, and settling back down as he returns to the chorus and finishes the song with gentle, angelic musings.

Watch Isaiah Sharkey perform “Stay” live in-studio below. He will perform in Evanston, IL later this month and at GroundUp Music Festival in February. For tickets and more information, visit his website.

“Stay” by Isaiah Sharkey was recently featured on Live For Live Music‘s “Best of 2022” Spotify playlist. Check out the full playlist and liner notes here.

Isaiah Sharkey – “Stay”