Jacob Collier has announced the release of Djesse Vol. 4, the final installment of his groundbreaking, GRAMMY Award-winning series. Along with the announcement, the musical wunderkind and maestro of the masses shared the album’s first single, “Little Blue” featuring Brandi Carlile, who recently joined Collier on stage during his headline show at Hollywood Bowl.

“‘Little Blue’ is such a gorgeous song and Jacob is a generational talent,” said Brandi Carlile. “I spend an embarrassing amount of time following him and studying his mind bendingly beautiful music. Getting to climb inside of it and be a part of his creation is a wonderful twist of fate.”

Since Collier launched the series five years ago, Djesse has earned him three Grammy awards and six nominations including Album of The Year for 2020’s Djesse Vol. 3. That’s more than half of the young artist’s five Grammy wins and 11 nominations. Each album has a distinct character, which Collier likens to the different phases of the day. Due out February 29th on Hajanga/Decca/Interscope, Vol. 4 represents the incandescent light of dawn with sweeping orchestral arrangements, intimate folk songwriting, fusions of R&B, rap, and pop, and roughly 150,000 voices, including 80+ audience choirs that he conducted and recorded during his live concerts. The album will also feature recent single “WELLLL” and the previously released single “Never Gonna Be Alone” featuring Lizzy McAlpine and John Mayer.

“Five years ago, in the wake of a musical journey that had begun in solitude, I set out on an epic adventure with a big dream – a collaborative quadruple album, and by way of that – to learn music, and life, from the greatest teachers of all – my heroes,” Collier said of the ambitious four-album, 50-song project. “In many ways, Djesse Vol. 4 is an album that’s taken me 30 years to make. It is, to me, a celebration of humankind – the way that I see it and hear it, built with musicians from every corner of the world. To be culminating this collaborative experiment with a 100,000 voice audience-choir, a sound that permeates the heart of this album, feels like I’ve found the heart of it. My voice is only ever as full as the voices around me. Everyone is welcome, and part of the tapestry. And most of all, creating this album has reminded me that life is full of magic, if only we can remember to look for it in each other.”

Listen to “Little Blue” featuring Brandi Carlile, the first single from Jaco Collier’s upcoming album Djesse Vol. 4, below or on your preferred streaming platform, and scroll down to view the album artwork by Dustin Yellin.

Jacob Collier – “Little Blue” (ft. Brandi Carlile)

‘Djesse Vol. 4’ Art by Dustin Yellin