Denver-based electro-funk quartet Jaden Carlson Band has released a new single, “Skyline”.

Jaden Carlson Band is led by 18-year-old phenom Jaden Carlson (guitar/lead vocals) alongside Eric Imbronciano (drums), Chris Beck (keys/synthesizer/talk-box/harmonies/vocals), and Fred Reisen (bass). Logan Muckler at Blue Silo Studio in Denver, Colorado engineered the fluid, polished track. Jonah Wisneski handled production responsibilities, while Alex Scott and Carlson herself—who also co-produced—dealt with mastering.

“Skyline” rides the fine line of current trends in today’s changing genres and sounds, featuring tasteful elements of jazz, fusion, funk, dance, and electronic music. It first provides the listener with a sense of tranquility and slowly builds to an eruption of an ever-danceable groove.

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As Carlson notes to Live For Live Music, the band “had a blast working with Logan and Jonah.” She continues, “It’s a new style for us, and working with them brought out some great new ideas and perspectives.”

Listen to the newest single from Jaden Carlson Band, “Skyline”, below:

Jaden Carlson Band – “Skyline”

Jaden Carlson and company will spend the next few months working writing and recording new material as they prepare for a busy summer on the 2020 music festival circuit.

Fans should head to the band’s official website for updates on tour information.