Electronic dance music may not be everyone’s cup of tea—especially in a live setting—but there’s no denying the power of the genre and its myriad proprietors to fill seats and keep fans on their feet, regardless of the venue. Jai Wolf certainly proved as much when he, Kasbo, EVAN GIIA, and Manila Killa stormed into the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles during his Blue Babu tour.

Part of EDM’s appeal stems from its geographic reach. This lineup was no different. Chris Gavino, better known as Manila Killa, brought his blend of electronic styles from The Philippines to open the evening. Kasbo, born Carl Garsbo, lent his concoction of chillwave and future bass—including “The Little Things”, his 2016 collab with Big Gigantic and Angela McCluskey—to the proceedings.

In between, Brooklyn-based EVAN GIIA stepped into the spotlight with her brand of vocal electropop. And, of course, there was Jai Wolf. Though raised on Long Island, the artist known otherwise as Sajeeb Saha was born in Bangladesh and has developed a repertoire that defies borders of nations and genres alike.

From the moment he opened with his latest single, “Don’t Look Down,” the crowd was consumed by movement and celebration amid Jai Wolf’s relatable, voice-infused sound. It certainly didn’t hurt that the 31-year-old had stunning visuals, flashing lights, and the occasional burst of flames to pair with standards like “Lose My Mind” from 2019’s The Cure to Loneliness (his first LP) and “Like It’s Over” off his beloved 2016 EP, Kindred Spirits.

Jai Wolf even came to the Greek equipped with a proper surprise, a guest appearance from L.A.-based vocalist Evalyn to sing her parts on “Want It All”.

At no point did the music or the dancing abate. Along the way, Jai Wolf’s stage setup—which included a circular DJ booth draped in LEDs—flashed with lyrics from his songs, enticing the audience of over 5,000 people to sing karaoke together. The revelry was a refreshing sight for concertgoers after a summer of lackluster L.A. crowds.

Dance music may seem a world away from rock and roll, hip-hop, and other popular genres, but with artists like Jai Wolf drawing young, diverse crowds to soak in genre-bending sets, EDM clearly has proven its power to flood venues with the joy and exuberance of live music as effectively as any rock star or rapper.


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Jai Wolf – Intro – 9/22/23

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Jai Wolf – “Gravity” – 9/22/23

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Jai Wolf – “Feels” Remix – 9/22/23

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Jai Wolf – “Moon Rider” – 9/22/23

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Jai Wolf – “Indian Summer” – 9/22/23

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Jai Wolf – Finale – 9/22/23

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