Ten years ago today, LCD Soundsystem rode off into the sunset after a brief but bright career with a marathon performance at Madison Square Garden billed as the “Last Show Ever.” The recording of the lavish three-hour production was later released in near-entirety as The Long Goodbye: LCD Soundsystem Live at Madison Square Garden. Shut Up and Play the Hits, a documentary that follows frontman James Murphy over a 48-hour period, from the day of the show to the day after, premiered in 2012 at Sundance Music Festival to critical acclaim.

While the band remained true to the billing for the next four years, they eventually reunited in 2015 and have remained active ever since. Still, the emotional show at Madison Square Garden on April 2nd, 2011 remains etched in many fans’ memories as a landmark live music experience.

LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy harbors the same nostalgia for the “Last Show Ever,” it appears, as he took to social media on Friday to share some reflections and behind-the-scenes insights about the performance. As Murphy noted, “it’s ten years since we played what i thought was going to be our last show ever, over at MSG. liquid liquid played with us. it was a pretty insane day. today we CAN’T play anywhere, which is not what anyone would have imagined back then. it is strange to me that it’s already been 10 years, as it feels like a few weeks (or 50 years) ago to me now.” Murphy went on to list out some “things which happened” that night. Read the full list via James Murphy below:

1. our light rig, which we predicted was going to be late and slow, though everyone told us not to worry about it, was so late and slow that we barely got to soundcheck.
2. the stupid balloon company we bought all the balloons from for the drop blocked the loading dock and refused to move so we couldn’t load our gear until we payed them thousands of dollars more than the contracted price. essentially extortion.
3. our friend jayson green made a tv show of interviews with people coming in.
4. we built the dumbest/best spaceships to put Shit Robot and The Juan MacLean into for 45:33.
5. a lot of great people came to see us and we played the best we could.

Murphy closed his message with a heartfelt note and a remembrance of “Last Show Ever” trombonist Jason Disu: “i wanted to thank everyone for coming, and for giving a shit about our band. i wanted to send some love into space to our good friend and master trombonist, the warm and brilliant jason disu, who played that show with us. we all lost him recently, and i’m not right in the center of my chest yet about it. and i wanted to say i’m looking forward to this interminable shit-show of a pandemic to get itself over with so we can come out and see you all again.”

Revisit LCD Sountsystem’s “Last Show Ever” on its tenth anniversary below with a video of the show’s final song and a full recording of the performance via Spotify.

LCD Soundsystem – “New Your I Love You but You’re Bringing Me Down” – Madison Square Garden – 4/2/11

LCD Soundsystem – the long goodbye (live at madison square garden – 4/2/11 – Full Audio