James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt were at the Bancorp South Arena in Moline, Illinois on Monday. The venue sits nearby the town of Aurora, IL where six people were killed in a mass shooting just recently on February 15th. Taylor, who has always used his lyrics as a vehicle to translate heartfelt, honest messages, took advantage of the opportunity to shed some loving words in dedication to the people who were affected by the recent shooting. He followed that up with a tribute performance of “Shed A Little Light” from his 1991 New Moon Shine album.

Taylor stepped up to the mic prior to the song without his guitar, to offer a few thoughts on the current climate of America in saying, “Before we play this next song, I actually want to dedicate it. We’re so assaulted so frequently by terrible news, we have to try to focus on the people of Aurora and think of them tonight, try to hope that they can heal from this, get through this hard time together. We want to dedicate this to the victims, their families and the entire community of Aurora, Illinois.”

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The music then began to play and Taylor, along with the help of his backing band, started into the lyrics which reference peace-loving people like Martin Luther King Jr. Fans can watch pro-shot vide of the performance below, in addition to Taylor’s brief, but moving dedication speech.

James Taylor – “Shed A Little Light” – 2/26/2019

[Video: James Taylor]

Taylor and Raitt’s 2019 tour continues Tuesday night with a performance at the Huntington Center in Toledo, OH. The tour is scheduled to come to a close on March 2nd following a few more performances over the next week in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Fans can head to Taylor’s website for tickets and tour info.

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